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We are inviting Filipinos in America to join Kalipi Overseas Filipino Community. "Kalipi" (another term for Overseas Filipinos) is a government initiative as part of the mandate Presidential Proclamation No. 1958 that aims to unite overseas Filipinos worldwide. 

Registration is FREE and open to:
  1. Filipinos who adopted the citizenship of the country of their resident,
  2. Filipino descendant and/or
  3. Filipino permanent residents of abroad. 
Fill up this link to register:

Registered Kalipis shall enjoy the following perks and benefits:

  • SPECIAL HONOR & TRIBUTE – just for being a natural born Filipino, a KALIPI already ought to be honored and his contributions and service to his/her adopted community; manifesting the inherent great character of a great Filipino. The KALIPI deserves this especial recognition in the Philippines by his countrymen particularly the Filipino youth who wish to emulate the global success being enjoyed and shown by the KALIPI. Two top officials of every KALIPI association in attendance during a grand ceremonial event in the Philippines shall be honored and recognize.
  • ECONOMIC BENEFIT FOR THE KALIPI AND/OR THEIR ASSOCIATION. The dynamic business exchange generated by Filipino comradeship worldwide; facilitated by existing modern information and communication technology will promote profitable trade for the Kalipi and/or their Association. This relationship will also boost the development and growth of the Philippine’s foreign and domestic tourism including their positive multiplier effects in various related industries in the country .
  • FREE ACCESS TO KALIPI GLOBAL COMMUNITY WEBSITE: AIMED AT UNITING ALL OVERSEAS FILIPINOS “The unified and integrated national (and worldwide) effort of both the government , private sectors and the Filipino migrants abroad will ensure the attainment of the objective of the Proclamation, i.e. the stability of the country and the support of its people, the Kalipi, in particular leading to UNITY of all Filipinos abroad.”
    Kalipi Events Corporation (KEC) shall maintain the operation of the website and keep Kalipi updated on significant information and developments to achieve the UNITY objective.
  • A FREE lifetime membership to (KGC) KALIPI GLOBAL COMMUNITY REQUIRE AN OPTIONAL KALIPI PRIVILEGE ID that entitles a member to enjoy privileges during their stay in the Philippines with a minimal cost USD10 to be delivered right at your doorstep.
  • VIP GUEST FOR FREE to ALL the Cultural and Special Events organized by the Kalipi Events Corporation (KEC) for Visiting Kalipi.
  • Privileged-Discounts in all tours organized in coordination with KEC.
  • Travel Assistance-arrival and departure assistance to and from the Philippines
  • Business Assistance to accommodate KALIPI who find the need to expedite business in the Philippines.
  • Access to KALIPI TV where even video of family events and celebrations of KALIPI can be scheduled for showing for FREE.
  • Discounts in purchases of products and services in KEC accredited Business Partners.
  • Legal/Para-legal Assistance and Medical Referral, if needed.
  • Online KALIPI chat room, where KALIPI throughout the world can share information.

There are a lot of things to be scared of in real life, but nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a horror flick. Pinoy horror doesn't just deliver nostalgia, but also fear from a place that is much closer to home.

The Phlippine culture has a lot of superstitions that are related to ghosts, fairies, and other supernatural beings. In fact, many of those who grew up in the Philippines unconsciously follow these superstitions to make sure they don't anger the spirits or any supernatural beings. Which is why horror films set locally give its audiences goosebumps since many pinoys have related to this growing up. 

Here are some pinoy horror films to check out on Netflix!


Remember when you used to listen to horror storries in schools? You get goosebumps from the mere thought of seeing a ghost. For guidance cousnelor Pat Consolacion ( played by Bea Alonzo ) it is an everyday occurrence since she can see ghost thanks to her clairvoyant ability. What starts off as a student suicide turns into a mystery after her student's ghost urges to help her.


After the Aurora shipwreck that happens near an island, Leana, played by Anne Curtis, is left with the task of finding the dead bodies of grieving families. She's said to get a hefty sum for each body found, which keeps her determined to find the dead as she isn't making income with the shipwreck nearby. As the days progress, the ghosts of the dead find shelter in her home. Now she has to protect herself and her sister Rita from the supernatural before the grieving families return.


Sandy, played by Kris Aquino, returns to the Philippines to get married to her fiancee Dale, played by Wendell Ramos. Many around her warned her that there is an old superstition that a marriage within the same year of a death in the family will result in a cursed death for the family. Soon a number of unfortunate events happen and Sandy must find a way to break the curse for good. This film is known as the Wedding Curse internationally.

Would you try watching these pinoy horror films yourself?