Antiqueños in America caring for fellow Antiqueños in Southern California, North America and, especially, in the province of Antique, Philippines

Corresponding Secretary

6221 Hungerford St., Lakewood, CA 90713

ACUSA's Objectives

1. To provide a forum for the members to interact and exchange ideas in order to assess their needs
2. To identify and, if possible, help solve the pressing problems of the members, especially the new immigrants to the U.S.
3. To initiate and formulate programs and activities that will provide members with opportunities for intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual growth
4. To promote cooperation among members to undertake community improvement projects in Antique and U.S.A. with emphasis on the intellectual and cultural areas
5. To help fund scholarships to Philippine and U.S. schools for poor but deserving, brilliant and promising Filipinos of Antiqueño descent

Nash Ang

Nash Ang is a Filipino filmmaker that made award winning documentaries and socially relevant fiction films. As a social entrepreneur, he founded online communities that aims to unite overseas Filipinos and support rural communities in the Philippines.

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