Pinoy’s love for food is undeniable. Giving you a little follow up on our recent feature about the Historic Filipinotown just located in Los Angeles, California, here’s a rundown of restaurants that you might be interested to try when you miss home. 

Just by the restaurants’ names, you’d already be reminded of your nostalgic childhood and family bonds over dinner.

1. Bahay Kubo restaurant 

Taking its name from the famous ‘bahay kubo’ in the Philippines, this casual joint offers homestyle cooking for breakfast, lunch & dinner. To see more about their menu check this out: Bahay Kubo Restaurant

2. Kapistahan Grill 

Having that upbeat spot with classic Filipino cuisine served family-style, this restaurant also showcase Filipino’s love for karaoke and live music. A little about their menu is here: Kapistahan Grill

3. Dollar Hits 

If you are missing some street food in your hometown or just looking for to-go meals, this is the place to be. Dollar hits offer affordable Pinoy Street food favorites that you don’t want to miss out! Check on what this Dollar Hits has to offer. 

4. Tribal Cafe 

As we all know, Philippines is a big hit for music and this is what this café caters, events & musical performances. As well, they serve Filipino vegan, vegetarian & traditional dishes. Here's what they have to offer: Tribal Cafe.

5. Little Ongpin 

Serving your favorite Chinese Dishes, this place truly is like Ongpin in Los Angeles. It will simply make you feel like you’re walking down the streets of Ongpin in Manila. If you are curious about what’s on their menu, check on this link: Little Ongpin.

Aside from our list, you can still find a lot of Filipino establishments, food joints and restaurants along Beverly Boulevard in Historic Filipinotown so if you are planning to pay a visit, make sure that your tummies are empty because this food crawl wouldn’t just feed your eyes, it’s a feast of flavors too. As well, if you haven’t read yet about our Historic Filipinotown feature, check on this link: Things To Do In Historic Filipinotown In California.


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