UNITED BICOLANDIA LOS ANGELES is a California tax-exempt Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation. It was founded in 1974 by a group of Bicolano immigrants. UBLA is regarded by many as the mother organization of most Bicolano associations around Los Angeles county.

The primary objective of the organization is to preserve, promote and practice the religious traditions of the Bicolanos. In keeping with this mission, the organization spearheads the well-attended Pe├▒afrancia fiesta celebration at the Echo Park near downtown Los Angeles.

The secondary objective is to provide assistance (financial or otherwise) to needy families, senior citizens, disabled or handicapped. Every time there is major calamity in the Bicol region UBLA is quick to respond and allocate funds for relief.

UBLA is also seen as a network of Bicolanos helping each other in different facets of life in greater Los Angeles. A good number of members have embraced the organization and made it the center of their social lives. Many have found lasting friendships and even lifetime partners. In addition to the annual Pe├▒afrancia fiesta, UBLA sponsors regular social affairs such as summer picnic, Christmas party, and other social functions.

Chairman of the Board

1906 Jones Avenue Los Angeles, Ca 90032 
T. 1(818) 281-3169 

Nash Ang

Nash Ang is a Filipino filmmaker that made award winning documentaries and socially relevant fiction films. As a social entrepreneur, he founded online communities that aims to unite overseas Filipinos and support rural communities in the Philippines.

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