I met Charles in 2017 in FilAm Creative's Facebook group, FilAm Creative's Talent Network. At the time he was an innocent bystander watching the organization go through growth spurts. Eventually, he got directly involved and the leadership team could feel his passion and talent a mile away. It was only a matter of time before he became a prominent leader in the community.

FilAm Profile: FilAm Creative's 2019 Executive Director Charles Gray

Cut to 2019 and he is now the head hancho of this important organization. For those that do not know him, read below and get to know Charles Gray better.

For those that don’t know can you tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Charles Gray. I'm a Filipino American, although I was born in Quezon City, Manila, but moved to Los Angeles when I was 4 years old. I'm a writer/director. Went to film school in Orange County and immediately got a job at Kore Asian Media right after film school. I found Filam Creative through another Filmmaker named Rommel Andaya who was looking for a BTS videographer for a short film called "What You Don't Say". On that set which was star-studded with a lot of Filam Creatives, I found out about Filam Creative, went to the screening at The Regency, saw faces up on the big screen that looked like mine playing to a packed crowd, and I said, I want to make a film, and be a part of this community. I made a film on the next round of short films to screen their and here I am today. I'm fortunate to have met all the people I have met through Filam Creative which has ultimately lead me to become Executive Director.

What is FilAm Creative?

Filam Creative is on paper, a non-profit organization. But what it is on the surface, is a community of creatives in Los Angeles that features writers, directors, actors, producers, photographers, hosts, media, entertainers, singers, artists, that get together for events and meet-ups. It's a hub that promotes diversity and inclusion but also welcomes everyone with open arms to join us as we strive to promote a more well-rounded entertainment industry that we can all be a part of.

What is FilAm Creatives mission?

Our mission is to educate our members through resources, and opportunities so that they can be prepared for what it takes to make it in the industry. It's also a place to collaborate and network and find your tribe within our community because we can't make it alone.

Why did you get involved?

I got involved because I wanted to feel that camaraderie and family atmosphere among my peers and with fellow creatives that I used to get only in the bubble of film school. But this takes that feeling to a whole other level which is always humbling and gratifying.

How did you get involved?

I attended several meetings, went to a few events, made a short film, met some cool people, ate some lumpia, shook some hands, and in 2018 I was asked to step in as director of Filmmaking, became a board member, threw up some cool events that I was extremely passionate about, and now here I am.

Now that you are the executive director can you give our readers a taste of what you are planning?

I want Arcade games in the study halls, Root Beer floats coming out of the water fountains, mandatory nap time after lunch, especially on Rib day, and cool Filipino movies playing during detention. In all seriousness, we've got some big awesome plans this year, but you'll have to follow us and stay tuned to find out. Just know that I'm here to serve the community and help us feel uplifted and supported throughout everything we do.

How can people get involved with FilAm Creative?

To find out what we're really up to for the year and beyond, follow us on social media. We always post our upcoming events and that is the best way to get connected, say hi, and take my spot, as I graduate to college.
and follow our podcast on Instagram, called "Voices"
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