Filipinos are working had overseas for themselves and their families. Sometimes homesickness can hit hard and the easiest way to cure that is by having a taste of home.

It is hard to avoid missing the Philippines especially if you've been overseas for a long time. There are Filipino communities all over the globe and one thing they can agree on is their love for a home cooked Filipino meal. In the past few years, Filipino cuisine has made a mark on the culinary map of the United States. Now, there are numerous restaurants that have food that will taste the way the Filipino locals make it. 

Here are 5 Filipino Restaurants in California that cure homesickness.

1. Ma'am Sir

 Los Angeles, California

The term "ma'am sir" is a greeting Filipinos say when entering a restaurant and establishment. It has later become part of the culture and many locals are used to hearing it everywhere they go. This Ma'am Sir, on the other hand, is one of the hottest restaurants in the metro. They have a longganisa burger and delicious pork lechon among other Filipino delicacies. 

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Image taken from Ma'am Sir Facebook Page

2. Chibog

Daly City, California

Chibog is a slang term for eat. It is no surprise that a restaurant used this term as food is the first thing that pops up in your head when you say it. This restaurant serves all the delicious savory foods like sisig, lechon kawali, binagoongan baboy, and even bangus sisig. These tasty dishes go well with local beers and, of course, rice.

3. Bamboo Bistro  

Panorama City

Panorama city has a traditional Filipino restaurant hiding in the urban streets. The Bamboo Bistro, despite its fancy name, serves their food traditional style Ala "boodle fight" on banana leaves. This communal way of eating is done in the provinces and during special occasions. The pinoy in you will love their isaw skewers, fried tilapia, and kare-kare.

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Image taken from Bamboo Bistro Facebook Page

4. Ninong's Pastries 

Northridge, California

Sweets are a part of Filipino culture, such as any other cuisine in existence. The morning pastries are decadent and homemade. Plus, they have a specialty where they use ube in their pastries and dishes as well. Apart from the sweets, this diner style restaurant has a killer breakfast meal, the longsilog. 

Image Taken From Ninong's Pastries Facebook Page.

5. Dollar Hits 

Los Angeles, California

Nothing beats satisfying a craving on the go and Dollar Hits does just that. Your homesickness will be gone in a flash with their low priced BBQ items like pig's Blood, isaw, fish balls, chicken, and beef. You can get a variety of flavors and won't have to break the bank in doing so.

You'll be missing the Philippines no matter what, but these Filipino restaurants provide the same comfort and warmth through their food. Now you can cure your homesick tummy no problem!

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