There is nothing better than a home baked treat that brings back nostalgia. A lot of Filipino pastries satisfy those cravings as there are so many different kinds to choose from.

The world offers up a lot of different cuisines and desserts. Over the years, these desserts are craved by the masses and are improved to include different ingredients. Even with the fusion dishes and desserts, the original recipies are still the best. Especially for those who enjoy traditional pinoy flavors.

Here are 5 Filipino Pastries You Can't Resist!

Crema De Fruta

No fiesta is complete without a crema de fruta. This traditional Filipino fruitcake is made with layers of sponge cake, sweet custard, gulaman jelly, and various fruits. It takes a while to learn how to make it, but when done right it is always a hit with anyone who eats it.

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The empanada is a baked pasty that originated for various Latin American cultures. This is made out of flaky pastry and a savory filling out of beef, chicken, pork, and/or vegetables.

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This favorite afternoon snack originated from the Mallorca city of the Balearic Islands in Spain. After years under a Spanish rule, the Filipino locals have adapted and made the ensaymada their own. This sweet and savory pastry is made with soft dough, baked, then topped with butter, sugar, and cheese.

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Buko Pie

This buttery pastry has a crunchy crush filled with a creamy filling and young coconut meat. It is very similar to an apple pie but filled with the locally abundant coconut instead. Locals love having this as a merienda snack or as a dessert.

Image from Yummy.PH 

Pan De Sal

This savory bread is a staple in every Filipino family's household. This tasty bread is a great pair to coffee or any filling you can put in it. It's best eaten when it is freshly cooked and is usually bought by the dozen. You won't get your fill with just one pan de sal.

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Try bringing one of these pastries to your next family dinner or pot luck! No doubt they can't resist taking a bite.

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