Filipinos always love tasty food and that love also extends to their sweet tooth. There are so many different local sweets that will definitely satisfy that craving Pinoy sweet tooth.

Sugar is very addicting and can lead to cravings and sugar crashes. While everything must be consumed in moderation, having some sweets is okay as it gives you energy, a pick me up, or a break from savory flavors. Plus, its really hard to resist candies that bring about memories of your childhood, especially if they are still super delicious to eat.

Here are 9 Filipino Candies That Bring Back Childhood.


This sweet treat is in an unusual powder form that you suck in with a straw. Lots of kids totally enjoy eating this treat because of the novelty of it. However, be careful as the sweet milk flavored powder can make you choke  slightly.

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Choc Nut

This delicious chocolate nut flavored candy is a part of every Filipino child’s memories. For over a decade it has given happiness to everyone who eats it. The treat has become so popular that foreigners are falling in love with the flavor as well.

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Choco Mallows

Imagine a treat that is light to eat and has a rich taste,that is what choco mallows is about. It is a half-domed marshmallow with a milky chocolate coating. It is usually sold in a box of 6.

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Gummy candies are always fun to eat and Potchi is the first thing that comes to any Pinoy’s mind when  it comes to local gummies. There is only one flavor, strawberry cream, and since its inception it’s been a hit.

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Haw Flakes

Haw flakes are Chinese sweets made from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn. The pale/dark pink candy is usually formed into discs two millimeters thick, and packaged in cylindrical stacks with label art resembling Chinese fireworks. The sweet and tangy snack is usually served with tea or as a snack.

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 White Rabbit

This candy tops the candy nostalgia since there are so many kids who have had this as a child. There is the chewy white candy that is milky in flavor and you can eat the paper wrapping surrounding it. There is also the hard toffee version that isn't as popular as the chewy version. 

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Orange Swits

Chewy candies always hit that sweet spot and Orange Swits is a big part of that childhood sweet tooth. These orange gummy candies are a bit harder than usual and are coated in sugar. You can buy these by the plastic pouches or by the box.

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There is a popular candy known as Starburst in the United States. Starfruits is a similar candy that a lot of Filipino kids loved and still enjoy up to this day.  The most similar pinoy candy that is still being produced is Sugus. 
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Jelly Ace

Popping sweet jelly into your mouth is a fun treat. This soft jelly candy is served in individually wrapped plastic bite-sized cups. It is best eaten when chilled.

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Re-live your childhood days with these snacks and try them out to see if you still love them as much as you did when you were younger. Chances are, you still do!

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