There are a lot of animators in Hollywood who are amazing at creating characters. One Pinoy impressed his higher ups and will be creating a short film based on his Filipino roots.

There was a time that 2D drawings was the most popular way to animate stories. This time around 3D animation is taking over with a lot of best selling films from companies like Pixar.

The Animation Life

Animators, a new breed of artists, are able to create life inside computer programs. After popular films like "Moana," "Frozen," "Toy Story," and the like, 3D Animators are in high demand. This has put a shift in the industry and the market for highly skilled animators is fierce and competitive.

Despite the tough industry, one Pinoy named Bobby Rubio was able to shine through thanks to his works. As an artist and a filmmaker, having “Float” appear on Pixar’s Sparkshorts is an honor.

Image from Pixar
Back To His Roots

Over the years, Pixar has been trying to have more representation in their films and shorts.  Rubio, as the writer and director, wanted to dig deep into his cultural roots for his animated short. He is sharing his Filipino culture to the world with “Float, “and its Filipino-American characters.

The synopsis of the story follows a father and son with an unusual talent. The boy floats and he tries to hide this from the public to avoid judgment. However, his son’s ability is eventually found out and he must make a decision to accept his son as he is.

Image from Disney Wiki
No doubt the quality of the film will amaze its audiences. Rubio has worked on films like the “Incredibles 2” and “Monster’s University.” The film will have a theatrical release in 2019 and who knows maybe a Filipina Disney princess may be next.

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