Having representation is critical when it comes to mainstream media. Marvel is doing a good job with this after expanding their superhero roster to Asia and, by extension, the Philippines.

The Marvel superheroes are a big part of pop culture, and to have a superhero from the Philippines is one many Filipinos were waiting for. The comics began introducing more asians into their universe and the latest addition is Wave. Her popularity skyrocketed, and after introducing her in "War of The Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1" she will be getting her own origin comic.

A Filipina's Heritage

No one is a better choice apart from Asian-American award-winning fiction writer Alyssa Wong to write the standalone comic. According to Wong, she was honored to write the origin story and was Greg Pak's choice for the project. Pak created Wave, and personally tapped Wong to co-write after reading her works like "Olivia's Table" and "The Fisher Queen."

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Wong, who has a Filipina mother and a Chinese father, gushed in a Marvel Entertainment Interview, "I never got to see Filipino characters when I was growing up, so it's so, so cool to Write Wave now!"

Who Is Marvel's Wave

The Filipina heroine Wave, is the newest addition to the Marvel's roster of Asian superhumans. Her features are distinctly Filipino with her jet black hair, morena or tanned skin, and almond shaped eyes. The character was initially introduced as a Cebuana, from the Cebu Island in the Visayas Region, with the alter ego of Pearl Pangan.

Wave was designed and co-created by Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu. She is dressed in teal and black, and is covered in gold armor with glowing twin blades and wings. She has an affinity to water with her psychic ability to control and manipulate water.

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Thanks to Marvel's dedication to detail, the story of the superhero Wave is one to look out for. 

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