Living in San Francisco? I got you some tips on where you can spot Pinoy foods in the area. Pretty curious? Read through this list:

1. Tselogs

Tselogs, a popular hang-out place in San Francisco offers a prime late-night spot for a chill friendly chit chats over a cup of tea, coffee or juices. Aside from that, they offer famous silog meals and other traditional Filipino plates.

Location: 552 Jones St, San Francisco, CA

2. Pampanguena Cuisine 

“Mangan Ta!” which means let’s eat in Kapampangan dialect is the perfect expression whenever you visit this restaurant. Pampanguena Cuisine offers traditional Filipino meat, seafood and veggie dishes and is served in banana leaf. How much of a Filipino style is that?

Location: 4441 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Buffet style Filipino food? Name it, they have it! And not to mention, they come in huge portions. ‘Kusina ni Tess’ restaurant, which literally means ‘Kitchen of Tess’ is the to-go of Filipinos in San Francisco. For those who extremely miss their hometowns and homemade dishes, give this a try!

Location: 237 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA

Another prime Filipino Kapampangan restaurant in San Francisco is Irma's Pampanga. Giving that home away from home feel, they serve BBQ meats and traditional Filipino cuisines like the famous Kare-kare and even the favorite Filipino breakfast, the silogs.

Location: 2901 16th St, San Francisco, CA

5. Nick's Kitchen

Serving you with healthy Filipino dishes with some twists, Nick's kitchen offers vegan style of homemade Filipino dishes giving that Filipino flavors you've been craving for but heightening it up with just a healthier version.

Location: 2449 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA

What's your favorite on our list? Share with us through the comment section! If your faves aren't on the list yet, let us know so we could feature it on our future articles!

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Mikhaela Javier

Dalyn Sanie

Dalyn Melgar Sanie is a Civil Engineering graduate based in Batangas, Philippines.

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