Have you heard of Filipinotown in Los Angeles, California? Yes, you heard it right! There is a Historic Filipinotown community in Los Angeles that urges to 'Filipinize' a certain area and create events including that of festivals and fun raising campaigns.

Make sure to give a look at lots of support for this Historic Filipino-town in Los Angeles. Established in August 2002, Filipino communities in California gave a lot of support to this place and its activities.

1. Jeepney Tours

The Historic Filipinotown (Hi - Fi) in Los Angeles, California aims to create interactive tours and events through Jeepney as the platform. The tours were made by the Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) organization in partnership with LA-based Hidden Hi Fi social enterprise. The best part is that during the tours, they'll be introducing you to new Filipino events, cultural heritage, food and market. Here a sample of video of the jeepney tours.

2. Fil-Am libraries

To actively promote Filipino American culture and personal professional achievements, the Filipino American Heritage Institute created the Fil-Am libraries to dynamically help spread the camaraderie of Fil-Ams in Los Angeles. Also, it would help more Filipinos to engage in the cultural aspect of learning with co-Filipinos.

3. Christmas Celebrations

Talking about celebrations, we know how festive Filipinos are in terms of Christmas. Let's not forget about the simbang gabi masses and the colorful Christmas lanterns in Los Angeles. They also create events aside from Christmas preparations, they also do the regular Santacruzan and other Catholic related events.

4. Historic Filipinotown Mural

Gintong Kasaysayan, which is known for being the largest Filipino-American mural in United States, this California based art shows of the notable Filipino American and Filipino historical figure like that of Jose Rizal, Carlos Bulosan, Lapu-Lapu, Larry Itliong and Philip Vera Cruz. it can be seen in Beverly Boulevard side and is open to the public for viewing.

So if you are on a weekend get-way and wishes to emerge on Filipino cultural heritage while in California, make sure to visit their pages for opening hours and schedules of events.

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Mikhaela Javier

Dalyn Sanie

Dalyn Melgar Sanie is a Civil Engineering graduate based in Batangas, Philippines.

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