Los Angeles in California is second to New York City for being the most dense city in United States. Thus, a lot of important gatherings happens here! Also, if you are attending an event, it's a sure thing that you'll be bumping into your co-Pinoy whose just around the corner!

1. Tournament of Roses Parade - January 1

For more than a century, California celebrates the Rose Parade, a festival of flowers, music and sports unequaled anywhere else in the world. It is also their way of celebrating New Year at the same time. Yearly, it takes about 80,000 hours of preparation for this event despite the combined manpower they have.

Location: parade starts in Pasadena at Orange Grove Boulevard & Green Street, travels east on Colorado Boulevard and north on Sierra Madre Boulevard, ends at Villa Street
Contact: 626-449-4100

2. Brazilian Carnival - February

Taking you to a colorful and energetic event are the drummers and stunning passistas (samba dancers) for the Brazillian carnival event. Usually, a Matinee at 2pm would mark the start of the event. This is followed by kids activities including that of Portuguese and Brazilian culture related storytelling. They also do traditional games, crafts and other performances. This is the Los Angeles counterpart of colorful festivals in the Philippines.

Location: Queen Mary, Queens Highway, Long Beach
Contact: 818-566-1111

3. Blessing of the Animals - Saturday before Easter

Yearly, every Saturday before Easter Sunday, citizens are encouraged to join and bring their pets for a blessing at the plaza. The tradition honors the value of animals to mankind and their service to their owners. Through this event, everyone enjoys lively music, food and bonding with other pet owners. You can see a lot of Pinoy during these event as we are pet lovers in nature.

Location: El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Olvera Street, Downtown LA

4. LA Gay Pride - Early June

True enough, this event has been a talk of the town in the world. Even in the Philippines, the colorful photos of LA Gay Pride and march turned out extremely popular to LGBT community and to its supporters. The parade encourages everyone to spread awareness and acceptance of the LGBT community to the world.

Location: around Santa Monica Boulevard

Talking about the 4th of July, which is the independence day of United States of America, Los Angeles has a take on it. With its famous extravagant fireworks capping off the line up of performers with a whole day show. It is a huge holiday for everyone living in US so Pinoys could enjoy their day off and spend this special day with their co-workers.

Location: across Los Angeles

Have you been to any of these festivals? If you have, then share with us your experiences and recommendations!

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Dalyn Sanie

Dalyn Melgar Sanie is a Civil Engineering graduate based in Batangas, Philippines.

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