It's not easy to fill your stomach without hurting your pocket. However in Los, Angeles in California, it's super easy for Filipinos to find cheaper goodies with a little less than $10. To give you some idea, here's a rundown of our must try:

Just located in Los Angeles, California, this restaurant at the Far East Plaza gives a Chinatown feel and serves healthy bowls of Filipino comfort food. You can easily order variety of 'Pancit,' with a little twist on the ingredients. They serve it with Macao sausage and the traditional vegetables for this dish.
If you are craving for some tacos, this restaurant gives that unique Los Angeles type of crispy taco since 1959. The price just start at $2.30 and can be customized according to your liking. You may add cheese, guacamole or other herbs and spices. Still, these home made tacos seriously give that flavorful Pinoy taste that you'll gonna go for!
How would you know if a food chain serves really good food? Just simply look at how the line is before you'll gonna enter the vicinity! At less than $10, Howlin' Ray's quarter bird presents a huge golden chicken and a slice of white bread. There's also pickles which serves as the side dish for this popular menu!

Fried Chicken Honey Breakfast Sandwich anyone? If you are up for a sweet yet savory taste for breakfast, then this $5.75 steal is the must try on their menu. Plus, you get to try doughnuts, potato rolls and cheddar biscuits. It may not be Filipino's usual sinangag breakfast but fried chicken has been a huge part of every Filipino's life.

Famous for its Gyro, the Greek style restaurant serving the famous Gyro, one of the most popular Greek food is a type of comfort food and is both perfect for lunch and dinner. They said it also goes well with their home made baklava and kataifi. You can order one at $8.99.

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Dalyn Sanie

Dalyn Melgar Sanie is a Civil Engineering graduate based in Batangas, Philippines.

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