California is known to be the state that has the largest number of Filipino-Americans in the United States of America (USA), with a population of around 1.5 million. As a result of the high number of Filipino-Americans in the state, there is a huge demand for services specifically tailored to the needs of Filipino-Americans in California. One of those services is Pinoy California, a website that provides useful information on everything they need to know about California.

Pinoy California was already in the works in 2018 but was only officially launched in 2020 by its founder, Nash Ang, a Filipino filmmaker and social entrepreneur living in San Francisco. The platform aims to bridge the gap between the Filipinos living in the USA by shaping and strengthening their communities through different stories and content.

In 2022, Pinoy California got together with the Organization of Benevolent and Responsible Asians in America (OBRAA), an organization that promotes equality and ethnic solidarity for Asian ethnic minorities residing in the USA.

With Pinoy California's revamped contents to offer, the original objectives of the platform and the people behind it will now easily be attainable more than ever. Readers can expect to get the hang of the ins and outs of California through articles tackling business, travel, features, entertainment, and a lot more.

But aside from these, Pinoy California will bring the contents closer to the audience by featuring testimonials from the first-hand experiences of Filipinos living in California through its social media platforms, Facebook (@pinoycalifornia) and Twitter (@californiapinoy).

Written by Karisma Primero and Lawrenze Empleo

Photo credits Sampaiii and Jeepsilog.

Ray Christian S. Lopez

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