Now that summer greets us with the bright sun and scorching heat, one of the best heat-relievers we think of is going to the beach. Besides the feeling of the calming ocean breeze and waves the beach offers, the moment of being away from a stressful environment is what a beachcation can assure. That is why this relaxing juncture must be captured even if you are camera shy or not. Prepare your summer outfits and candidly pose in every click. Don’t worry because ahead are 15 posing tips for your beach get-away memories.

1. Look straight at the camera as if someone called your name.
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2. Stand tall with your tippy toes.
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3. Stand or sit on beach rocks.
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4. Play with that flowy dress.
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5. Walk freely while enjoying the view.
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6. Hold that shades as if you’re about to wear or remove it.
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7. Turn your back at the camera and hold your beach hat.
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8. Sit on the sand and look into the camera.
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9. Kneel on the sand with the sea as your backdrop.
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10. Toss the sand like a kid.
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11. Dip in the water and show your back.
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12. Dip into the water and cover your face.
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13. Lay on your tummy and strike a pose with the waves.
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14. Sunsets are the best view in the sea. Capture that moment as you ascend from the water.
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15. Flaunt that curves with the sunset as your backdrop.
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While doing a pose for camera shies can be overwhelming, the list above can help you learn how to be camera ready by still enjoying the view. Remember that capturing the moment can be much more exciting if you are relaxed and comfortable, which makes the photographs more natural once you look back at all the snaps.

Written by Karisma Primero

Karisma Primero is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Broadcasting student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila.

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