The state of California has one of the longest coasts among other states inside the United States of America (USA) ranking 3rd, with 840 miles of coastline according to the Congressional Research Service.

With all that stretch of a coastline, California houses several beaches in its coastline that can serve as a perfect background for an Instagram (IG) post. Since it may take dozens of pages to fully talk about all beaches in California, you will find in this article a list of some of the beaches in California that will ensure an aesthetically pleasing look in your IG feed!

Shark Fin Cove

Named after a shark fin-like rock protruding from the water near the coast, Shark Fin Cove is a hidden pocket beach that you can find along the coastline around the Coast Dairies State Park. Since the beach is quite secluded, you can get the perfect photograph for your IG feed without being looked at by other people.

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In addition to the shark fin-like rock, there are also other distinct features that it has to offer such as small caves and other rock formations along its coast. Shark Fin Cove is also called Davenport Cove, Jah Beach, and Shark’s Tooth Beach.

El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach is one of the biggest tourist spots in Malibu, California. Due to its popularity among beach goers, you may need to ride out early in the morning to ensure you get a parking spot in its small parking lot. Or you can commute your way there to really make sure! 

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The beach consists of several sea caves, rock formations, and of course…sand! The beach is exceptionally beautiful at golden hour, as the rock formations and the sand lights up with a fantastic golden look.

Pfeiffer Beach

Considered to be one of the most visited beaches in the Central Coast, Pfeiffer Beach is majorly known for a rock formation called the Keyhole Arch wherein rays of the sun majestically passses through it, making you think like you are inside a video game. 

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However, the arch is not the only thing that the beach has to offer. Fine purple sand can also be found at the north end of the beach, which is said to come from manganese garnet rocks in the cliffs. The beach is located in the Big Sur region of California, between Carmel and San Simeon.

Capitola Beach

While being proud of its beaches, rock formations, and cliffs alongside its coasts, Capitola Beach also boasts and flaunts its shops and restaurants that tourists can go to whenever they feel like they are getting a little bit too sunburned. 

(Photo credits to Cedar House Photography)

Due to the looks of the buildings alongside the beaches, one can even feel like they have been transported to a Mediterranean country. Behind the beach is a lagoon wherein native birds in the area can be found and photographed! The beach is located in Capitola Village.

Venice Beach

Perhaps one of the most prominent beaches in California, being featured in movies and video games, it is for certain that it is one of the first places that comes into one’s mind when they are thinking of a beach in California.

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Considered as the busiest facility operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks, around 30,000 people come to visit the beach every single day! Yes, on a daily basis. Its boardwalk is 2-mile long that houses restaurants, vendors, and street performers. The beach also has facilities for basketball, bodybuilding, skateboarding, biking, and so much more! 

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