Prices of everyday goods are constantly rising, especially with gas prices soaring high. In one blink of an eye, a certain product will now be twice as expensive. With this scenario, finding ways to make tipid should be a shopper's number one priority when purchasing their groceries in the supermarket. But what actual proven things are there that one can do to ensure a frugal way of doing grocery shopping? Let’s take a gander!

Create A Grocery List

It would not be a surprise that creating a grocery list is on the top of this list–it goes to show how important it is, right? It is extremely important to have an organized list of things to buy so you do not end up purchasing random items that are not really necessary. In addition, it is best to organize your list by the products’ use so that you would not have a hard time finding the said products inside the grocery store. So before going shopping, get a pen and paper, or if you are feeling a little bit more techie than usual, open your notes app to get your list going!

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Have A Full Stomach

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While it may sound counterproductive at first glance to eat first before grocery shopping (magtitipid nga sa groceries, pero kailangan naman munang gumastos para sa pagkain?), it actually makes sense! In fact, there are studies that claim that it is not a good idea to do groceries while hungry since that may lead you to buy lots of unnecessary food that will result in a longer receipt than you intended.

Do Not Get To Too Excited About Sale Promos

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Products and services on sale does not necessarily mean it is the cheapest choice in the aisle. Some products just have that extra twinkling factor because of its huge SALE sign, but it does not mean that it has the best quality. You may have gotten quite a bargain, but you may also have purchased a product which has its expiration date the next day. Hence, the reason why it is on sale. Learn to scrutinize products if you are getting the best deal. After all, it is you who has the last decision on what will end up in your shopping cart.

Get Excited About Sale Promos

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Okay, we did just say that we should not get TOO excited about sale promos, but we did not say to not get excited for a tiny bit. While the aforementioned promos may prove to be unhelpful to save money, some promos are actually really helpful in saving money! That is why it is really important to scrutinize details of promos to ensure that you are getting the best deal. If you are feeling really meticulous, do not hesitate to bring a calculator to really compute how much you are spending! If someone from the same aisle is looking at you funny, ask them if they also need a hand in computation. You managed to save money, and you also helped another person. That is definitely a win-win scenario.

Familiarize Oneself With Prices

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No matter how much food you have in stock, it is always bound to run out. Hence why grocery shopping is not really a once every year, decade, millennium, lifetime sort of experience. Once your food supply runs low, you will need to head to the nearest grocery store. That is why it is important that every visit in a grocery store, you are taking down notes of the prices of the products you usually buy. By doing so, you will be able to identify whether they have increased prices or not. If they did increase by an unreas
onable amount, it is high time to look elsewhere. It may not be the brand you are used to, but if it is cheaper and has the same quality, then consider yourself a master bargainer.

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Christian Lawrenze Empleo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba.

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