When it comes to acting, Filipino actors can never go unnoticed, that is why a lot of local movies become such big hits. Some notable names play a huge part in the Philippine film industry for their versatility and prowess. And while they are being praised by fellow Filipinos, these artists gained a spotlight in the international movie scene.

Jericho Rosales - Subject: I Love You (2011)

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If the idea of tall, dark, and handsome is what most girls look for actors, Jericho Rosales perfectly fits the adjectives. But beyond his looks, his talent echoes a lot about him, making Jericho one of the top actors in the Philippines to make a breakthrough even in Hollywood.

For the '90s kids out there, you probably have heard of the “ILOVEYOU virus” a.k.a. Love Bug or Love Letter, a computer virus that attacked Windows computers in 2000. After 11 years, an American romantic drama was based on that event that was also Directed by Francis dela Torre. Jericho Rosales portrayed the role of a Filipino computer programming genius responsible for the “I love you” virus that wrought billions of damage in 2002. He created the virus to track down the American girl, played by Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: D Streets, Sorority Row), that he met when the latter visited the Philippines.

Anne Curtis - Blood Ransom (2014)

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Anne Curtis is known for her down-to-earth personality, kindheartedness, and sense of humor. Though her years of acting experience showed her versatility to date, a decade back it was just starting to bloom as Anne finally starred in an international film.

In 2014, Anne worked alongside actor Alexander Dreymon, for the horror/thriller film Blood Ransom Directed by Francis dela Torre. Anne admits that it is something she has never done before but she had a huge support from Alexander, who is no stranger to horror. (He had a season-long arc in the third season of American Horror Story). 

The film revolves around Crystal, a young lady who was confined during her dark days after her parent’s demise, only to find herself in the solace of vampires. She then meets Jeremiah, played by Alexander Dreymon, and they form a love that will attest to the phrase, “us against the world.”

Kris Aquino - Crazy Rich Asians 2018

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Kris Aquino cannot be out of the list of notable Filipino actors as she is highly appreciated in horror films. But aside from filming, she is also a host that shows her side of an opinion leader. There is no doubt that she got the role of Princess Intan in the film Crazy Rich Asians.

After the announcement in 2018 that there will be a film adaptation of the Crazy Rich Asians novel written by Kevin Kwan, audiences from around the globe stirred mixed feedback, particularly the Asians themselves, on who will cast the film. The movie focuses on the love story of two New York University (NYU) professors—Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nicolas Young (Henry Golding). But the loud buzz not only focused on the main characters but also with the appearance of Kris Aquino, who played the role of Princess Intan. It is one that Filipinos should celebrate because another fellow countryman was able to break into the Hollywood scene.

Bea Alonzo - Angel Warrior (2022)

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With Bea Alonzo’s numerous portrayals of different characters in Philippine dramas and movies, there is no doubt that she got a chance to enjoy the American spotlight.

After her last film Eerie, Bea is set to star as lead in the WWII feature Angel Warrior, a Filipino-Hollywood film produced by the US-based Inspire Studios. The film will be written by Hollywood screenwriter Bruce McKenna, who penned the Emmy award-winning HBO series The Pacific. 

Bea takes the role of Tala, an underground fighter who joins forces with Filipino and American guerrillas on the island of Panay in an effort to defy the Japanese occupation, which occurred between 1942 and 1945. The plot is reportedly based on a true story. As of writing, the film has been set for worldwide release in late 2022.

Lovi Poe - The Chelsea Cowboy 

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Considered one of the Philippine industry’s sensually appealing actresses, Lovi Poe has proved that her acting receives applause from award giving bodies even in Hollywood, in which she got a role in The Chelsea Cowboy film helmed by director Ben Cookson.

In the film, Lovi will play the role of '70s It Girl and British Blues singer Dana Gillespie, who hired gangster-turned-actor John Bindon, played by Alex Pettyfer, as security and gave him access to the high life, including the island of Mustique, where he met Princess Margaret. A target release date for the movie has yet to be announced.

Written by Karisma Primero

Karisma Primero is currently a Digital Marketing Intern  of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Broadcasting student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila.

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