With the proliferation of disinformation through social media sites, the truth about the Philippines’ history is being distorted right in front of our very eyes. To the extent that people would rather believe v/bloggers that have no background in history nor credible sources, rather than those who are actually well-proven to be credible in the field. Moreover, people tend to use Tiktok videos as their source of information rather than books, documentaries, and well-researched films. In the history of Filipino cinema, there have long been films, documentaries, and series tackling the history of our country. With that, let us actually talk about some of those that are available to be watched for free online!

Liway (2018)

An independent film that follows the real life story of the detainment of Kumander Liway/Day (Cecilia Flores-Oebanda in real life) during the last years of the authoritarian and dictatorial regime of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., it is a film that should not be missed by those who want to know more about the grim reality of the Philippines during the Martial Law era.

(Credits to Liway/IMDB)

As the film’s storyline is based on actual events that the film’s director, Kip Oebanda, has gone through, people can expect a personal touch on the film. In addition to the wonderfully written storyline and screenplay, the actors that were casted are also one of a kind. Glaiza de Castro as Day perfectly portrayed the role by showcasing her talent in acting through portraying a wide range of emotions throughout different scenes and timeframes during the film.

This film may not be for everyone however, since it does cover the harsh realities of life during the Martial Law and some may find it disturbing and saddening. However, in order to prevent the dark past from happening in the future, it is our duty to be informed about the harsh realities of the past. During this disinformation-filled day and age, Liway is definitely one of the perfect and necessary films that one must watch to avoid falling in the pits of truth-distortion.

Watch Liway here!

The Kingmaker (2019)

Being nominated in several international film festivals such as the London Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival, Bergen International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, and Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, one can assure themselves that they are in for a ride when they are going to watch The Kingmaker.

(Credits to TheKingmaker/IMDB)

The Kingmaker is a documentary film that tackles the life of Imelda Marcos and the Marcos as family as a whole as they try to slowly but surely reestablish their power since the ousting of the family’s patriarch, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., as the Philippine president.

The documentary is written and directed by Lauren Greenfield. Through her distinct way of telling stories in the documentary, Greenfield has managed to unravel and debunk some of the statements made during the documentary by comparing and contrasting it to other statements made by other people that were directly affected by the regime of the Marcoses. If one wants to have an insider perspective on what it is like to live lavishly through political and unjust means, then Kingmaker may be that documentary to give that perspective you need.

Watch The Kingmaker here!

Heneral Luna

If one is to talk about great films about Philippine history, it is for certain that Heneral Luna will be talked about. Heneral Luna is a historical biographical film following the life of General Antonio Luna during the Philippine-American War. As the film was able to serve a different spice versus the typical Filipino films, Heneral Luna became the highest-grossing Filipino historical film of all time, earning at least ₱240 million.

(Credits to HeneralLuna/IMDB)

The film is directed, edited and musically directed by Jerrold Tarog; and starred by John Arcilla as Antonio Luna. The film became a hit not just to history-geeks but also to teenages at the time since the film not only showcases the war between Filipinos and Americans, but it also showcases the lighter side of Antonio Luna through his jokes, sudden rage, and choice of words.

If one wants to learn more about the history of how the Philippines was during the colonization of the United States of America (USA), at the same time having some humor on the side, then Heneral Luna is definitely for them to watch.

Watch Heneral Luna here!


While this addition to the list may seem like that the author of the article is a Glaiza de Castro fan since this is a series that she also stars in, it is not the case as it is just coincidental since the main reason for the inclusion of Katipunan in this list is due to its portrayal of the story of Andres Bonifacio, and of course, the Katipunan!

(Credits to Katipunan/IMDB)

Katipunan is a 10-episode series that was originally broadcasted in the GMA Network, but was then subsequently uploaded on Youtube to be watched online. The series stars Sid Lucero as Andres Bonifacio, and Glaiza de Castro as Gregoria de Jesus. Due to the camera work done in the series, the series became a finalist in the 2015 New York Festivals for the Best Camerawork.

If one likes to have separate episodes to watch each time while eating their lunch or dinner, and at the same time learn something new about Philippine history, then they should not waste any more time and head on to GMA’s Youtube account to stream the series for free.

Watch Katipunan here!

Written by Lawrenze Empleo

Christian Lawrenze Empleo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba.

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