Many Filipinos start their day with coffee to boost their energy levels. Not only does it serve as a simple drink, but it is also able to calm people experiencing stress and anxiety.

Over the years, several studies revealed that caffeine does help people to lift their mood and boost their energy, making people more alive and productive.
There will always be times when Filipinos living abroad feel homesick. That is why going to coffee shops is one of the best things to do to relieve their stress.

Here are the six coffee shops that everyone can visit in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Saint Frank Coffee

Saint Frank Coffee, founded in 2013 by Kevin Bolin, has the fragrance and tastes that connect people. Bolin was inspired by coffee farmers who produce outstanding coffee.

This coffee shop is located at 2340 Polk in Russian Hill and is open from 7 AM - 7 PM.

The couple Annie Cheng and In Hwan Heo founded Home Coffee Roasters on February 14, 2015. The couple believes that treating people with kindness, love, and respect is what the world requires, so this coffee shop aspires to be a palace of acceptance, compassion, and kindness.

This coffee shop has three locations: Sunset, Richmond, and Chinatown in San Francisco.

Keba Konte, a well-known artist and successful food entrepreneur, owns Red Bay Coffee. This coffee shop began serving coffee in 2014.
Moreover, this coffee shop intends to make its coffee not just high quality and sustainable but also a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.

Verve Coffee Roaster

Verve Coffee Roaster is a coffee shop that desires to have a positive impact on coffee communities. Serving coffee to communities for the people behind this coffee shop is a way of giving back and celebrating art and life.

Endorffeine, founded by biochemist and pastry chef Jack Benchakul, shines because of its small and minimalistic space, which allows friendly interactions between Jack and his customers. Another interesting fact is that all of the coffee served in this establishment is made by Jack.

This minimalist box coffee shop is on Broadway in Los Angeles, California.

Bloom and Plume Coffee

Bloom and Plume Coffee is a black-owned family business that first opened its doors on January 26, 2019. This shop aspires to be a brand that unites the community and its people by making them feel like they belong. They adhere to the South African philosophy "Ubuntu," which holds that humans cannot exist in isolation.

This coffee shop is located at 1638 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, California.

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Written by Kristine Mae R. Imperial
Kristine Mae R. Imperial is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Journalism student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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