California is full of breathtaking locations that will make you fall in love with the state. Their restaurants are known not only for their delicious food, but also for their eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

Here are some of California's most Instagrammable restaurants to help you improve your Instagram feed.


(Credits to Eater San Francisco)

Location: 1100 Market Street, San Francisco


This restaurant's menu features Chef Jason Fox's version of California cuisine. It is a restaurant inside the Proper Hotel that offers you sophisticated surroundings that will undoubtedly brighten your social media posts.

Villon is known for its delicious food and intricate interior design, which includes checkerboard floors and floor-to-ceiling library shelves.

Yamashiro Hollywood

(Credits to Yamashiro Hollywood)

Location: 1999 North Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles

There are indoor and outdoor dining options at this restaurant. You should try their sushi rolls, salmon, and tuna tartare because they will all satisfy your cravings. Along with their menu and specialty cocktails, you will like the area's breathtaking views.

A labyrinth of dining rooms, halls, and an interior courtyard with stone pools and gardens inside the restaurant will surprise your eyes and can’t stop you from getting your cameras as its Instagrammable place deserves to be snapped.


Location: 9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills

You will appreciate the delicious, local California cuisine at THEBlvd when you dine here. This Instagrammable restaurant's porcini-crusted beef tenderloin is delectable.

This is a well-known restaurant in Los Angeles. The indoor sitting area features high ceilings, large windows, and comfortable sofas. You will undoubtedly enjoy your visit to THEBlvd because they not only provide picturesque views but also delicious cuisine.

Bring your friends and family to these restaurants. It will certainly satisfy your cravings while also modernizing your Instagram feed!

Written by Jewel Badillo

Christyn Jewel Badillo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Adamson University.

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