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Migrating to another country for better opportunities is one of the reasons for some Filipinos in California. However, they can't deny the fact that there will be times that they will miss the Philippines; its culture, environment, and especially, the taste of Filipino food. 

Here are the must-try Filipino Restaurants in California that will ease your homesickness:

1. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant (Milpitas, California)

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Some of the authentic Filipino dishes on their menu are Lumpiang Shanghai, Kare-Kare, and Sinigang. The food tastes like home, so you'll eat more than you intended while still having a takeout.

Many customers highly recommend Barrio Fiesta because, aside from delicious food, it will never disappoint you when it comes to their place. Its nautilus shell chandeliers and bamboo seats will make you feel calm and nostalgic for the 1970s. For those who have vehicles, you can’t find it tough to search for a spot as they have a lot of parking areas.

2. Big Boi (Los Angeles, California)

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Chef Barb Batiste, raised in a Filipino family, is the restaurant’s owner. Their menu includes traditional Filipino dishes as well as her personal favorites from her childhood. Big Boi provides a variety of lunch and dinner options, including Longanisa, Pork Sisig, and Filipino-Style Spaghetti. 

Many customers appreciate their visits to this restaurant because of the welcoming atmosphere, friendly personnel, and great food that truly captures the flavor of homemade Pinoy cuisine. Additionally, the cuisine at Big Boi is reasonably priced. Because of this, customers enjoyed this restaurant and undoubtedly returned to try other dishes on the menu.

3. Salo-Salo Grill (Artesia, California)

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Salo-Salo Grill is one of California's best Filipino restaurants, serving Filipino favorites such as Pork or Chicken Adobo, Lechon Kawali, and Boneless Bangus. You should try this restaurant if you want a great taste of Filipino food in a clean environment with excellent service. 

Customers will come back to this restaurant not only to try something new on the menu but also because the staff is friendly and accommodating. This restaurant is one that other Filipinos in California should try to satisfy their cravings!

4. Dampa Filipino Food (Castro Valley, California)

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Do you crave Tokwa't Baboy, Bicol Express, or Bulalo? You should try this restaurant in Castro Valley because it serves food that tastes just like home! 

Many Filipinos in California enjoyed the food at this restaurant, as evidenced by positive feedback and high ratings. Dampa Filipino Food's menu offers reasonably priced food with big portions or servings. The service is also quick and efficient.

5. Manila Grille (Buena Park, California)

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This Filipino restaurant in California serves delicious food until the last bite. The staff will make you feel at ease, and finding a parking space will not be a problem because there are plenty of spaces available.

Don't waste your time by just thinking and craving Filipino food! You should try their Pork and Chicken BBQ, Pinakbet, and Pancit Bihon because every bite is worth it! 

Aside from Manila Grille's daily menu, they also offer a catering menu. 

To relieve homesickness, try these restaurants in California! Your visits will be worth the effort because their food tastes just like home! Don’t waste your time!

Written by Jewel Badillo

Christyn Jewel Badillo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Adamson University.


  • Barrio Fiesta Restaurant (Milpitas, California)


  • Big Boi (Los Angeles, California)



  • Salo-Salo Grill (Artesia, California)


  • Dampa Filipino Food (Castro Valley, California)



  • Manila Grille (Buena Park, California)



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