It's no wonder that Filipino dishes are well-known in different countries because of Filipino chefs who have established themselves abroad.

When it comes to cooking, Filipinos won't disappoint. If you live in California and want to taste Filipino dishes, you might as well visit these talented Filipino-American chefs.


Alvin Cailan is recognized as one of the most high-profile chefs in America. His success began in 2011 when he opened his restaurant, Eggslut, in Los Angeles. Eggslut serves a variety of sandwiches, all of which include eggs.

Furthermore, Chef Alvin also hosts The Burger Show on First We Feast's YouTube channel, where some of his episodes garnered a million views.

But, before his success, Chef Alvin had to overcome cultural traditions as he felt that he wasn't Filipino enough to be Filipino and not American enough to be an American.

His cookbook, Amboy: Recipes from the Filipino American Dream, reflect his story. Amboy is a term used to describe a Filipino raised in America.


Warren Almeda is the owner and chef of Belly & Snout, a Filipino-American fusion restaurant that began in Los Angeles and is now located in Rancho Cucamonga's Haven City Market.

He graduated from the prestigious California Culinary Academy and immediately worked in some of America's finest restaurants before opening Belly and Snout.

As a chef, he is known for his inventiveness, as he continues experimenting with Filipino-American food recipes.


Photo from Lasita Instagram

Chad Valencia is a chef and co-owner of LASA restaurant together with his brother Chase Valencia. Lasa is a Filipino term for taste or flavor.

Chef Chad's passion for cooking has made him LA's go-to chef for modern Filipino cuisine.

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