A picnic is an outing that involves bringing a meal outside and can be enjoyed with family or friends. This can happen near the beach or in a park where everyone will enjoy not only the food but also the scenery.

If you're planning a picnic in Los Angeles, Pinoy California has some suggestions for you.


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One of the reasons for the park's popularity is the spectacular view of Santa Monica Bay. Palisades Bluff Park is ideal for picnicking because of its beautifully manicured grass, smooth paths, and towering palm trees.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy jogging and biking in this park. A view that extends all the way to Malibu will please your eyes on a clear day. Located at 301 N. Mt. Holyoke Ave, Pacific Palisades.


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It is a 12-acre civic park with long stretches of green lawn ideal for picnics. Grand Park was renovated ten years ago so that visitors would enjoy the spot and the view, as well as the interactive fountain and Starbucks located nearby.

While visiting the park, you can also enjoy outdoor concerts and art exhibits. Located at 200 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles.


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It's a great place for picnics because it's a large grassy field with trees. The classic Hollywood sign can also be seen here, so you can take photographs. In addition, there are water fountains in the park.

This is a great place to unwind because it is in the Hollywood Hills, specifically at 3160 Canyon Lake Dr., Los Angeles.

Invite your family and friends to a picnic and try our suggestions. It will undoubtedly be time well spent.

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