Dressing up is a lot of fun, especially when it brings you happiness and boosts your confidence. There are numerous fashion trends available today that can serve as inspiration for the upcoming fall season.

Pinoy California has something for you if you're looking for outfit ideas while living or visiting California during this season. 

Retro Aesthetic

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The retro aesthetic is a modern recreation of fashion styles from the 1970s to the 1990s. Wearing old clothes or old fashion clothes is a current trend. It has grown in popularity due to its uniqueness and pleasant vibe.

Flared trousers, bandanas, snakeskin blazers, vintage accessories, and leather belts are just a few examples of clothing and accessories that can help you achieve a retro aesthetic style.

Sporty Streetwear

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It is a good idea to dress in clothes that make you look fit and sporty during the fall season. This outfit exudes youth and a creative fashion sense. It could be a tennis outfit, a sweater vest, a graphic tee, or oversized clothing.

Wearing crop tops, baggy jeans, and a sports jacket is one of the most popular sporty streetwear looks for women today.

Blazers and Hoodies

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Wearing a blazer over a sweatshirt transforms a comfy classic into a crazy chic look. It is also worth including in your list of must-have casual styles because it can be easily paired with pants and footwear.

This casual fit is ideal for the fall season not only because it is comfortable, but also it imparts a cool look or vibe.

Bucket Hats

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As a new trend from the 2000s, it evokes nostalgic memories. It could be an accessory that can be used as inspiration for some styling. Bucket hats are appropriate not only for summer, but also for fall and winter.

It will give off a stylish appearance when worn with an all-sweater ensemble. You can use it to cover your hair to look and feel truly vintage.

Long Skirts

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There are various long skirt styles to help you decide on your fall outfit. It comes in pleated, skin-tight, and flowy styles. Finding the right top and shoes will also help you achieve a fashionable look.

Despite its length, it is quite remarkable.

What exactly are you waiting for? Try out the fall outfit ideas listed above, dress up, and enjoy the season!

Written by Jewel Badillo

Christyn Jewel Badillo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Adamson University.


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