Through cultural awareness and student leadership, the Philippine-American Youth Organization (PAYO) seeks to preserve and support the Fil-Am community in San Diego, California, and the United States. This non-profit mentorship program combines community service with enjoyable activities.

It is made up of high school and college students, as well as young professionals, who are regarded as the nation's hope. PAYO strives to meet the needs of every young Filipino American, including self-identity, job readiness, and college preparation.

(Credits to PAYO)

The mentors of PAYO include Andrew Aguinaldo Edquid, Florivel Graves, and Nico Delmundo. As active mentors in culture, dance, finance, acting, and logistics, they are the ones who are guiding the young professionals. 

Moreover, this organization supports students in stepping outside of their comfort zone in order to take advantage of greater chances that are available to them both now and in the future. Among the opportunities are executive positions where students can gain expertise in teamwork, task delegation, and accountability.

One of PAYO's goals is to help students develop their personalities by teaching them about their Filipino heritage and culture. They want to help the organization's members become knowledgeable and proud about this subject. 

PAYO believes that learning Filipino culture will help members connect with their own families as well as the family that they will build in this organization.

(Credits to PAYO)

Want to know more about the Philippine-American Youth Organization (PAYO)? You can visit their website at and join their program. Be part of their community. 

Written by Jewel Badillo

Christyn Jewel Badillo is currently a Digital Marketing Intern of PS Media Enterprise, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Communication student of Adamson University.


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