For those who love marine wildlife and ocean views, the Sea Lion Point Trail is ideal for you. You can enjoy hiking on this pleasant, well-maintained trail because it is a 0.6-mile loop. The Sea Lion Point Trail is one of the best short hikes in Big Sur and is suitable for the majority of Point Lobos State Reserve visitors.

Sea Lion Point is the highlight of the trail as you’ll have a chance to see and hear the sea lions. You may also pass by Headland Cove and Sea Lion Cove while visiting.

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Headland Cove has squirrels scampering across the trail and birds nesting in the vegetation. This cove offers breathtaking views of the water and the rocky coastline. It differs from Sea Lion Cove in that it has a large number of sea lions that require binoculars to see clearly.

Hikers walk down a staircase near the coves to get a better look at the animals. However, it is always advisable to be cautious by staying away from the edges and keeping an eye out for unexpected waves, which can cause accidents.

(Credits to Roadtripping California)

In the Cypress Grove/Sea Lion Point parking lot is where you'll find the Sea Lion Point Trail. From the information booth, continue straight on the park road. Take the trail towards the cypress trees from the very first parking lot you'll see.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you wear closed-toed walking shoes with good traction and comfortable clothing that can protect your skin. Don’t forget to bring water, food, a digital camera with zoom lens or binoculars, sun protection, and bug spray when visiting the trail.

It's a fantastic location for visiting with friends, family, and even coworkers. Take on a challenge and explore the Sea Lion Point Trail.

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