For the past 50 years, Filipinos have made up one-third of all foreign-born nurses in the United States. Since the United States occupied the Philippines under the pretext of "benevolent assimilation," it has become a more widespread phenomenon.

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According to the 2016 Survey of California Registered Nurses, Filipino immigrant nurses are increasingly popular in California hospitals. Filipinos make up around 18 percent of the state's active RNs, making them the second largest group in that population.

This article features some reasons why Filipino nurses work in California. 

Play an Important Role in California's Healthcare System

Filipino nurses are becoming vital to California since they not only bring their own cultural norms to the patient's bedside but have also made significant contributions to American healthcare.

They have made an impact on research, business, and as leaders of labor unions and professional organizations. Filipino nurses in California are a part of the state's medical history.

Better Opportunities

In addition, there are Filipino nurses who have relocated abroad in search of higher income and better job prospects. It is clear how different the value of the US dollar is from the Philippine peso, making the US a very captivating nation.

During the early 1970s, the amount of money earned by Filipino nurses after one year of work in the United States was equivalent to 12 years of work in the Philippines.

Motivated to Fight for Justice

Behind the sign of success for earning a large amount of money, there are unfortunate things that they have experienced. Filipino nurses faced discrimination and humiliation. There was a circumstance when they spoke in Filipino dialects at work and were ordered to speak only in English even when they were talking to fellow Filipinos.

It does not discourage them from pursuing their dreams, as they were inspired to fight for their own rights and justice in California workplaces.

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