No doubt that Philippines is one of the countries that is rich not just in culture, natural resources but also in food resources. Natural resources abound in the Philippines. Numerous products, including coconut, copra, bananas, pineapples, sugar, gum, resins, and rubber are produced on its fertile soil. These agricultural crops include several that are grown for export. The Central Plains of Luzon are primarily responsible for producing rice, which is the main meal of the Filipino people. In this article we will showcase some of the well-known foods in the Philippines that will surely make you crave.

First on our list is the tapsilog;

Did you know that one of the famous breakfast in the Philippines is tapsilog? It stands for TAPa which is a dried or cured beef, SInangag a saute rice in garlic and itLOG or also known as egg. It is a delicious recipe that will definitely make you drool and miss the taste of the Philippines. 

One of the popular Filipino Restaurant in California is the Tapsilog Bistro located at 819 W Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CAand known for its delicious Filipino dishes such as sisig, crispy pata and of course the tapsilog. The ambiance of the store is also good where you will feel the joy and forget the longingness of our country. Truly, I can say that this restaurant is the answer to our Filipino food cravings. So what are you waiting for, grab your bag now and taste the Filipino cuisine that everyone loves!

Andrei de Guzman

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