Desserts every after meal is a must as it makes us feel satisfied and improve our over-all mood. Here are some easy-to-make and mouth-watering Filipino desserts you can make at your home


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Halo-halo is like the unofficial national dessert of the Philippines. Its literal translation is ‘mix-mix’ and from the word itself, its a mixture of different ingredients with different taste and forms that result to contrasting texture in your mouth. You can taste chewyness or crunchy, sticky then creamy. Its an all-in-one dessert perfect for summertime.

Ingredients: Every halo-halo have these two key ingredients: shave ice and condensed/evaporated milk. Other ingredients are rice crispies, sweetened bananas, tapioca pearls, ube jam, corn kernels, jackfruit, coconuts and many more. Its really up to you!

How to make:

First, Gather all the ingredients you need and prepare a tall glass

Second, put your chosen fruits or sweets at the bottom of the glass

Third, top it with the shaved ice and pour the milk

Lastly, finish it with an ube jam plus leche flan

Mais con Yelo

Mais con Yelo is another popular dessert in the Philippines. Its the spanish word of corn with ice. Its a sweet, juicy and refreshing snack food that can be made easily.

Ingredients: Corn kernels, milk, sugar and shaved ice.

How to make:

First, Ready all the ingredients and prepare your shaved ice

Second, Mix all the ingredients in a large glass

Lastly, You can add optional ingredients like corn flakes, cheese then serve immediately


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Pastillas is a bite-sized sweet confectionary that originated in the farmland of Bulacan, Philippines. Its a sweet candy traditionally made from carabao’s milk.

Ingredients: Pastillas is another easy to make dessert as it only requires three ingredients: condensed milk,powdered milk, and granulated sugar.

How to make:

First, pour the condensed milk in a large bowl

Second, gradually add the powdered milk. The mixture will look like similar to dough

Third, scoop some of the mixture to mold in cylinders

Lastly, roll it in granulated sugar and wrap it with celophane

Leche Flan

Leche flan is rich, smooth, steamed custard topped with oozing syrupy caramel. It is a Filipino version of caramel pudding. Its the Spanish word for milk custard.

Ingredients: The primary ingredients for the custard are evaporated milk, condensed milk and egg yolks. For the caramel drizzle, water and sugar is needed.

How to make:

First, make the caramel by pouring sugar into the mold and slowly heat it until deep brown

Second, combine and mix the egg yolks, condensed and evaporated milk. Put in the mold and cover with aluminum foil

Third, On the oven rack, put a baking dish that can hold the flan mold. In the baking dish, place the covered flan, and then pour hot water over it until it reaches halfway up the side of the mold.

Lastly, Bake in the preheated oven for about an hour, or until firm. From the oven, carefully remove the flan mold. 30-minute cooling period after. With a paring knife, trim the flan's edges. To remove the flan from the mold for serving, carefully cover the mold with a dish with a rim.


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Suman is a soft, chewy and sweet rice-based treat that is perfect after every meal.

Ingredients: Suman is made of glutinous rice, granulated sugar, coconut milk, and sugar.

How to make:

First, Soak the glutinous rice (malagkit) in water for 2 to 3 hrs and then drain well.

Second, Combine coconut milk, salt, sugar in a pot and stir well on medium heat. Prepare banana leaves and trim it also by 10 inches.

Third, Add the glutinous rice and cook for 15 minutes until liquid is absorbed. When cooked, add it in the banana leaves to form.

Lastly, Remove from the steamer and carefully unwrap to enjoy.

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