Breaking into egg business 

It's true that folks who are new to blocks are frequently taken aback by the weekly production of 18–20 eggs that three layer chickens may provide. You could be prompted by all those eggs to think about starting a small chicken business. However, there are several factors to take into consideration if you wish to sell fresh eggs for a profit.

The commercial poultry sector is extremely profitable and operates on thin margins. The benefit of farming is economies of scale, as farms can support millions of birds. Even with the advantage of a local, organic, free-range specialty in marketing, small farms might still struggle to be financially successful. 

You can use the information below to determine whether starting a poultry business is practical for your circumstances.Feed is the main expense to take into account. Even when she is not laying, a hen has to eat every day of the year. Assuming you are keeping a 2 kg hybrid commercial hen, the figures are as follows: 

44 kilograms of feed are consumed by each hen annually at a rate of 120 grams of feed each day multiplied by 365 days (approximately)

So, start now a successful egg business in California that will make money.

Andrei de Guzman

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