The Coachella Festival began out very differently and is now one of the most popular music events in the world. It is a well known event held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The inaugural event took place in 1999. It lasted for two days and featured performances by about 40 bands and individuals. Although 37,000 tickets were sold and it received positive reviews, it was a financial fiasco for the organizers, who lost $850,000. They persisted, holding the festival once more in 2001 and 2002. They lost money both times, but each year it was a little less. Finally, the festival turned a profit in 2003. Coachella was named "America's Best Music Festival" by the renowned music publication "Rolling Stone" in 2004 after more than 100,000 tickets were sold. The festival's length was extended by the organizers to

Coachella is about more than just music; it's also about art. Massive installations by designers and visual artists adorn the festival's grounds.

Despite its popularity, Coachella has occasionally drawn flak throughout the years. The event was created to showcase independent acts, not well-known musicians, according to critics. Rage Against the Machine and Morrisey were prominent in the early years, whereas commercial bands and electronic dance music predominated in more recent years. Critics also point out that the festival is drawing an increasing number of media figures, including influencers and celebrities hungry for publicity, and that it is promoting not only the music but also the sponsors' companies. So, is Coachella a musical paradise or a hollow, for-profit gathering? You may decide for yourself whether to attend the event in person or not the following year because it will be live streamed on three different YouTube channels. Coachella is undoubtedly seen as the symbolic beginning of the concert season by both enthusiasts and detractors. This year's iteration appears to have been a success. In the summer of 2022, there will be a lot of music if the pandemic continues to recede.

Andrei de Guzman

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