Hiking is a popular activity in California due to the state's diverse landscape. There are many different types of hikes, from easy to strenuous, and each with its own unique scenery. San Bernardino is a county located in the south of California. Its a great place to recreation activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. Here are some of the best hikes you can try when you are in the county.

1 Joshua Tree Hidden Valley Trail

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Joshua Tree National Park is a must-see spot for those who want to take in the desert beauty South California has to offer. The Hidden Valley Trail is the best way to get a holistic view of the park in a single hike. The park covers an area of 790,636 acres (1,235.37 square miles). It is a scenic one-mile loop that gives visitors the opportunity to see a variety of the amazing rock formations, animals, and of course, trees, that this park is known for.

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2. Barker Dam Trail

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This is a hike in Joshua Tree National Park that is relatively short and easy, with a beautiful view at the end. The landscape is rocky and great for climbing, and the hike eventually leads to a blue lake. It is important to note that the lake may be dry during certain times of the year.

The trail passes by many of the most notable features of the Mojave Desert and provides a thorough overview of the plant life that makes up the ecosystem as well as a variety of monzogranite rocks. A closer look at the history of the park's early ranching endeavors is provided by the dam itself. Water at Barker Dam is influenced by rainfall, however after a rainy day or season, tourists may be able to see this priceless desert resource. Barker Dam is surrounded by rich greenery, making it the perfect place to observe a variety of birds, reptiles, and even desert bighorn.

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3. Mt. Baldy

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The Mt. Baldy loop is a popular hiking trail in southern California that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The full hike is approximately 12 miles long, but hikers can take a cable car to the top to get a head start. The trail reaches an elevation of 10,064 feet, and hikers are rewarded with a beautiful view of the region's other mountain peaks.

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4. Heart Rock Trail

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The Heart Rock Trail is a moderate hike located in the San Bernardino National Forest. The trailhead is located off Highway 18, about 7 miles west of Big Bear Lake. The trail winds through the forest for about 2.5 miles before reaching the Heart Rock viewpoint. The trail offers views of the forest, as well as the San Andreas fault.

This easy and very well known walk leads past a stunning riverside habitat that hugs seasonal Seeley Creek outside of Crestline to a waterfall where the gentle forces of erosion have sculpted an almost perfect heart form into the rock.

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Add these hiking trails to your bucket list and explore it on your next trip to California!

Ray Christian S. Lopez

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