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Life wasn't meant to be easy, there are really challenges that you'll face and looking for the right path to take is one of the hardest thing that we need to overcome. A lot of us has different dreams, some of us wants to be an architect, engineer, doctor, etc. but what are the things that we really need to consider to have a good job in the future?

Jobs have been quickly filled in California. The most recent data available shows 4.6% unemployment rate, a decrease from an 8.3% rate a year ago. The state now has 17.4 million payroll employees after adding 925,000 jobs in the previous year.

Registered Nurse, Security Officer, Sales Associate, Account Excutive and Project Manager these are some of the most in demand job in Los Angeles California. No doubt, the world really needs a lot of health care worker to provide and meet the needs of every sick people especially 2 years ago when the pandemic strikes, we didn’t expect some shortcomings. Until now Los Angeles has 7,669 current open position for registered nurse. The average salary for Registered Nurse is US$96,681 per year in the Los Angeles, CA, United States Area.

This kind of work guarantees excellent income. Consider the possibility of being fortunate enough to get the skills and knowledge necessary to genuinely assist someone. awaiting the day when you can use the material you worked so hard to learn on a daily basis. It's crucial to learn how to collaborate with others and recognize and address each patient's specific health issues. So if you’re this kind of person, nursing is definitely for you!

Andrei de Guzman

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