The idea of paradise for most of us is to escape and sit quietly on the beach. When we heard the best beaches in California the first city that would come to our mind is Malibu.  

     From its museums, refined boutiques, farmers markets up to cliffside shorelines and vast beaches to this tranquil coastal oasis truly shines under the mid-year sun. Create your best experience by  planning ahead of your itinerary in Malibu and get ready to get tan lines with the sun.

    First and foremost because there are an overwhelming number of beaches there, beach enthusiasts should put the Malibu California at the top of their holiday wish lists. Of course, some are superior to others, but the majority are stunning and well worth the trip. Beach lovers will have a field day merely planning their destinations and itineraries before their trip even starts because there are so many to pick from.

    Paradise Cove, Zuma, El Matador State, Leo Carillo State Park, Malibu Lagoon State, Tapanga, Carbon, Surfrider, Broad and El Pascador State Beach are all located in the City of Malibu. Who would have thought that this city is full of beautiful beaches that everyone loves to go to. Remember to bring sunblock to protect you from getting sunburn and also water to stay hydrated. 

    Truly, Los Angeles is very rich when it comes to nature and other resources. We just have to discover it on our own and nurture it. 


Andrei de Guzman

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