Fast fashion is a term used to describe inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. When fashion fall out of style before you even realize they were in, ukay-ukay shopping is a shining beacon of light. Ukay-ukay, the Filipino term for thrift shops is not only good for your wallet, but also to the community and the world as thrift stores lessens environmental damage by generating less waste and pollution. Here are some of the best ukay-ukay spots in California.

UCLA Thrift Shop

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The UCLA Thrift Shop offers affordable goods of the highest quality, both new and old. All of the proceeds of the shop goes to UCLA Medical Auxiliary to support its health programs. It's worth taking the time to sift through the extensive choices if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles in order to uncover a gem.

Location: 11271 Massachusetts Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025
Operating Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10am - 5pm. Closed Major Holidays


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If you’re in the mood for something unique, quirky, fabulous and funky, Squaresville is the place to be. Located in the heart of Los Feliz, Squaresville is the premiere vintage store to buy, sell and trade.

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Location: 1800 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
Operating Hours: Mon, Thu, Sat, 11-8 & Sun 11-7

Second Chance Thrift Store

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The Second Chance Thrift Store offers a wide range of furniture, DVDs, books, clothing, and just about everything else you can think of, all of which are used to support a ministry. Established in 2012, the store’s ultimate goal is to be the light of the community through fashion.

Location: 105 Central Ave Pacific Grove, CA

2311 N Fremont St. Monterey, CA

Operation Hours: Sunday: CLOSED

Mon,Wed, Sat: 9am – 5 pm

Tue,Thu, Fri: 10am – 6pm

4. Community Thrift

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You help a good cause when you purchase at Community Thrift. More than 200 nonprofits in the Bay Area are affiliated with Community Thrift. Community is a great place to donate because of their all-encompassing charity strategy. You can bring in any clothing you'd want to contribute, pick a local charity partner, and when your items are purchased, a portion of the money goes to the charity you chose. And the item you contributed finds a new home!

Location: 623 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94110
Contact: +1 415-861-4910/

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