Of all the cities and places around California, it's always been Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco which can be hailed by the majority as the darling of the crowd in terms of foods and restaurants. While in some ways it can be true, it has to be noted that Sacramento is a worthy one also that should be considered for a nice food trip adventure.

    As the capital city of the Golden State, Sacramento itself also boasts a good rich of vast, culture-stuffed cuisines and food stops. Its local scene features a wide-range of restaurants that are magnificent to satisfy your cravings. Down its streets, you can see the growing diversity and progress of its food culture – from coffees and table meals, from dine-in and take-out platters, and from old-fashioned American to Asian dishes.

    With plenty of overwhelming food shops and restaurants you can choose from, you may perhaps consider our list of must-try restaurants in downtown Sacramento that need more attention and publicity!

    Check our list below:

1. Greek Food Imports

Image courtesy: GREEK FOOD IMPORTS/Facebook

    If you are constantly looking for unique and deliciously good Greek dishes, then the Greek Food Imports is a no-brainer restaurant for your hungry tummy.

    Greek Food Imports have everything you need for a fully-packed, imported and local meal which is added by a satisfying experience of eating and living a la Greek lifestyle. Starting their tenure in an online setup, the restaurant gradually adjusted itself and turned into a brick and mortar store which can be accessible for locals of the cities.

Lamb Gyro, one of the Greek Food Imports's proud delicacies | Image courtesy: Lezlie Sterling/Sacramento Bee

    Built from the aspirations and honoring of his late father, Kostas Panayotakopoulos let go of his therapist profession and fully embraced the management of his very own Greek restaurant. It was built in 2016 and has been operating splendidly to serve their very own best-sellers such as baklavas, lamb gyro, pastitsio and moussaka. Or if you're daringly craving enough, you must hurry and grab an avgolemono or taramosalata from them before they eventually get sold out.

Location: 650 Fulton Ave., Sacramento

Hotline number: (916) 489-1350

2. Dim Dim Food

Image courtesy: Ali Lee Onodera/ Facebook

    Dim Dim Food had a bold, humble beginnings as it officially opened its doors in what could be in a downwarding stage of the COVID-19 pandemic – a challenging season for all businesses in the last two years. Nevertheless, being new in the food industry of Sacramento doesn't mean that they should be underestimated in serving Asian and Chinese delicacies.

    As they welcomed the local and foreign foodies in September 2022, Dim Dim Food quickly established itself as a rising star in the Sactown area. Located down to Greenhaven, the restaurant gets even very busy during weekends with a lot of people searching to grab Eastern dishes.
Dim Dim Food's egg custard tart, steamed tofu wrap, pineapple bao, and fried pork dumpling | Image courtesy: Sylvia H./Yelp

    Their stuffed pineapple buns are a must on your plate, and the wine garlic chicken wings are also great based on the testimonies of their customers. Other than that, Dim Dim Food also serves notable trademark Chinese foods such as Dimsum, chicken feet, pumpkin buns among many.

Location: 7585 Rush River Drive, Suite 680, Sacramento

3. Noble Vegetarian

Image courtesy: Eric Lu/ Google Photos

    A vegetarian who's looking for a match of nutritious and green meals? Noble Vegetarian definitely fits the bill for you.

    Among the wide varieties of vegetable-inclined markets and food stops, Noble Vegetarian serves as one of the topnotch choices to consider. It features a simple and well-decorated shop and layout that caters very well the ambiance needed by a certified vegan. 

Mongolian vegan beef with chow mien noodles, one of the menu foods in Noble Vegetarian | Image courtesy: Jon W./Yelp

    Though it belonged to many of the restaurants that dropped their service because of COVID-19 pandemic, it now surely justifies your potential support for them. It serves lovable pan-Asian cuisines in the likes of vegan tuna baguette, Jicama, and Joyful Tofu that can really brighten up your day.

Location: 5049 College Oak Dr a, Sacramento, CA
Hotline Number: (916) 334-6060

4. Juno's Kitchen & Delicatessen

Juno's Kitchen logo | Image courtesy: Juno's Kitchen & Delicatessen/Facebook

    Walking down the J Street area, Juno's Kitchen & Delicatessen is a relevant hotspot for mouth-watering sandwiches and great meals to savour yourself.

    This tiny, yet warming restaurant is notable for serving its specialty of sandwiches that are stylized in an aesthetic manner. More than the styles of their bread dishes is the fact that they are affordable enough for simple food buddies.

A delicious sandwich meal by Juno's Kitchen & Delicatessen | Image courtesy: Thrillist

Location: 3675 J St, Sacramento, CA

5. Casablanca Morrocan Restaurant

Mourhit Drissi and his Casablanca Morrocan Restaurant in Arden Arcade | Image courtesy: Sacramento Bee

    Want to enjoy a two-way delight of foods and an amusing belly dancing? Casablanca Morrocan Restaurant is there to catch you up!

    Operating for nearly 30 years, this Moroccan-inspired restaurant withstood time and even endured the challenges stormed by the COVID pandemic. They remained open and owner Mourhit Drisi willed his dream  of having  a small, starting business into a relevant foreign restaurant located in the Arden Arcade area of the City of Trees.

Morrocan meals of Casablanca | Image courtesy: Uber Eats

    The restaurant strictly adheres to the Islamic values of food handling, as they display a variety of main courses from lamb, beef and chicken meals. They also have Kebab and the very delicious Couscous that has been consistently drawing praise from their loyal patrons.

Location: 3516 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA


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