LOS ANGELES, California – The Looks 2023 Fashion of Tomorrow has finally taken the spotlight and rolled the shining floor of Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills last Nov. 19, showcasing promotion and unity towards environmental sustainability.

    The said fashion show serves as a segment of EcoCouTour Fashion Tour series in America. EcoCouTour is a platform that mainly aims to promote their creative, diversity inclusive and cultivation of nature with their inspired eco-collection for individuals and organizations.

    The Looks 2023 Fashion of Tomorrow featured five participating brands and designers on their cause for mother nature, namely: Scarlett Poppies; Racs; Dzolik; mSquare; and Alma T Collection.

Scarlett Poppies: Love and Craftsmanship for Fashion

An elegant dress from Scarlett Poppies | Image courtesy: Nate Wolf/interEdx/Instagram

    Taking the floor with such grace wearing their summer and spring 2023 collection, Scarlett Poppies was a sight to behold with their elegance and sophisticated dress.

    Scarlett Poppies established itself as a brand with pure love and craftsmanship for fashion, creating such unique products that are suitable and long lasting for all seasons. It is mainly specialized on weaving resorts wear and very much engaged with polishing summer outfits that are great to match with the beaming sunlight. As much as possible, they choose organic fabric options rather than conventional and prefer to pick the local fabrics available to avoid excessive and lengthy transportation.

    Behind Scarlett Poppies is Linda Augutsson, a natural-born designer who emerged from Sweden and the top proponent of the brand's passionately filled clothes.

Bow ties and Wire Mask: The RACS way

A model featuring RACS' beautiful wire mask | Image courtesy: Bem Kelly/interEdx/Instagram

    With their stylish bow ties and enticing wire mask, the RACS was a glittering presence.

    From the minds and fashion wizardry of founder Racso "Racs" Jugarap, RACS was able to mold unique bow tie ideas inspired by music, the curious touch and the use of environment-friendly materials. His cousin and a Filipino-American, Wenelie Jugarap, serves as a significant co-founder of the brand hailing from Los Angeles.

    RACS is powered by their motives to empower and collaborate with artisans to use ethical and appealing products, be thrilled to explore the world of arts and contribute towards the betterment of the world and society.

Recycling fashion with Dzolik

    Dzolik blazed the Beverly Hills with its unique approach in fashion to showcase their promotion for environment sustainability.

    Converting garbage, Dzolik transformed itself from the usage of recycled materials and cork. Most of their products are made of RPET – recycled plastic bottles – like lining, or the whole outside body.


Dzolik's proud and stylish brand up for attentive grabs | Image courtesy: Nate Wolf/interEdx/Instagram 

    Designer Ludo Halaj served as the founding father of Dzolik. After being a salesperson for six years, he decided to start his own business by discovering cork products online. Upon positive reviews, commendations, and public clamor, he thrived on making recycled clothes and dresses that are surely eco-friendly.

mSquare: A two-way fashion magnificence

A colorful dress from mSquare | Image courtesy: Ben Kelly/interEdx/Instagram

    Contrary to Scarlett Poppies, who donned a red-hot summer and spring 2023 collection, mSquare represented its wonderful fall 2023 and winter 2022 collection on the runway.

    Launched in 2009, mSquare quickly emerged as one of the most anticipated and aesthetically fashion brands in America which even crossed the boundaries of both the East and West coast. Simplistic yet pleasing, mSquare boasts a wide range of beautiful and splendid designs that are being posed for 150 boutiques in both the United States and Canada.

    mSquare came into fruition under the aspirations and creative ideas of Neetu Malik, who is a renowned designer with a clever mind of an entrepreneur.

Alma T Collection: Alma Tomenio's brand inspired by all-round goodwill

    As a bright and talented fashion designer who is still starting to make some noise in the fashion industry, Alma Tomenio's Alma T Collection took the Beverly Hills by storm with her nature-friendly outfits and environmental ideas for dress.

    Her clothes are truly expertly made and entered the show with pure intents to showcase the cause of promoting sustainable fashion that benefits the nature. On the fashion show, her beautiful and crafty outfit turned heads around, as the cloth was made from three-piece creations of scrub suits and jackets made of polypropylene surgical wraps – a fitting tribute for the frontline heroes of COVID pandemic.

A creative outfit from Alma T Collection honoring the pandemic heroes | Image courtesy: Ben Kelly/interEdx/Instagram

    Behind the creativity and resourcefulness that she possesess, Alma is a notable full-time perioperative nurse for 35 years and a member of Nevada Chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association. Her love and care for patients and in the medical field greatly influences her desire to cater wholesome influence to strive for sustainable fashion and utilization of eco-friendly materials for outfits.


The Looks 2023 Fashion of Tomorrow was made possible through the good help of designers, models, volunteers and sponsors in the likes of Lendissimo, World Edoption, Club Paradisia, International American University, California Media Group, Thai LA Newspaper, Royal Blue Staffing, Nate Wolf, Ben Kelly, Dr. Joseph Dinglasan Med Spa, Jewels by Dynasty, Asia on Earth, Ultimate Bridal, Spa Studio Sugaring and Skin Care, PS Media Enterprise, Realty Masters and Associates, FEG, OBRAA, FACCHD, Limelight TV Show, World Eco Brands, Pinoy California, The LA Connected, Lay Bare, Dynasty Ventures, Genevive, Injection Site, Team Campy, and Essential Bodywear.

Looks 2023 Fashion of Tomorrow was made possible also through the splendid theme efforts of InterEdx. InterEdx served as the executive producer of the event, which you may tap if you're seeking a highly significant plans for your activities. Moreover, organizations choose InterEdx due to their corporate training, strategic planning, and event planning.

    Portion of the proceedings of the fashion show will be handed to I-CARES.Org (InterEdx Center for Advanced Research on Energy and Sustainability), a 501C non-profit organization and educational research center.


Written by Andrei de Guzman

Andrei de Guzman is a digital marketing intern for the Winter Season of PS Media Enterprise. He is currently a fourth-year Communication Research student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa

Andrei de Guzman

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