Christmas season has come and it's definitely time to give and hand your blessings to people and your loved ones. As such, there is nothing who can't live up to this notion all year long besides food banks.

    Food bank is defined as a non-profit, charitable place or organization that is open and willing to serve free foods to those people who are hungry and in dire need. In the food history of the United States, food banks have been life-changing platforms and being credited for its efforts of reducing hunger rate across Americans. To date, there are thousands of food banks operating already and stepping up towards the call and advocacy for food security.

    In California, there are a handful of food banks serving every single community with their meals and goods that were accepted and made possible through various donations. Here are some notable food banks across Golden State that you may need to know and perhaps hand your goodwill.

San Francisco Marin-Food Bank

    The San Francisco Marin-Food Bank is quietly a famous bank in the bay area. Looking at the internet, the organization has been harnessing plenty of praise and frequent mention from the reviews and various articles – making themselves a trustworthy and legitimate source of free foods.

    Established in 1987, the San San Francisco Marin-Food Bank has been consistently there to fight hunger and solve food issues of people in light of the rising living commodities. As such, they are handing around 1,300,000 meals weekly with over 50,000 households gaining their weekly groceries – such a massive amount of their coverage for their mission and vision.

San Francisco Marin-Food Bank | Image courtesy: KRON4

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

    The Second Harvest of Silicon Valley has been serviceable for their community with such clear intentions of fighting and trying to put an end to hunger and poverty issues.

    Second Harvest has been partnered with various groups and fellow organizations of around 400 networks, while distributing foods and meals for more than 900 sites across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

    Other than food giving, they are making efforts to introduce a healthy community through grocery programs, community partners, school and summer meals, nutrition education, and such.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley | Image courtesy: Janice Bitters/San Jose Spotlight

Alameda County Community Food Bank

    Founded in 1985, Alameda County Food Bank has been there as always to follow and serve the calls of the hungry and food-seeking Alameda community.

    In 35 years of service, the Alameda County Community Food Bank is standing up to their unwavering belief that gaining foods are a basic human right. As such, with hundreds and thousands of willing volunteers and partnered units, they are handing out millions of free, healthy and delicious meals year by year.

Blessed volunteers of Alameda County Community Food Bank | Image courtesy: Alameda County Community Food Bank

San Diego Food Bank

    The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank remains a great food goodwill service for the San Diego community – standing as the largest in the said county. According to their site, they managed to distribute over 44 million pounds of food last 2021 which equates to 400,000 people per month.

    With nearly 500 partnered groups, the San Diego Food Bank has been able to dish out their goal of a hungry-free and healthy community.

San Diego Food Bank distributing turkeys in celebration of Thanksgiving Day | Image courtesy: Melissa Mae/KPBS



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