A first-generation Filipina immigrant, Princeton University graduate, and lawyer who graduated from Hastings in San Francisco and now an author, Marissa has an impressive resume. Best known for her children's books and a strong legal background, she doesn't just write stories for kids--she has also published several books on topics such as divorce and family law. Marissa's true passion is writing children's books, which she does whenever possible. Marissa’s stories are bold and imaginative, but her powerful message runs deep.

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Marissa said that her favorite thing about lawyering is the writing--and it's a way for this almost 65-year-old Filipina lawyer to enjoy speaking to and connecting with young children.

She is a strong advocate for diversity and shares her knowledge in this book. Marissa was formerly involved with many organizations that help battered Asian women and children, but her passion for helping others inspires on writing the Hope and Fortune.

This is one child's story, with a strong diversity advocate at its heart. Marissa was able to write multiple books while raising her daughter and working full time. This book aims to entertain readers, while providing some back-story on what drives Marissa to succeed in her career.

In her maiden book, she makes sure to include affirmations of courage and resilience as well as empowerment when she takes over from the lawyer who started out with all these positive intentions in mind.

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Hope and Fortune is a contemporary fairy tale about a little girl who has lost her way. While traveling through the forest, she encounters several different fairies, each representing individual cultures, ethnicities, and generations.

Marissa's Hope and Fortune is an uplifting story about how one immigrant's determination could bring hope to others. It takes a strong voice to tell the story of one girl who rises above adversity, against all odds. Her fight for justice, dignity, and freedom brings together unlikely allies in the fight against injustice in our society.

This book provides a wonderful message about the power of believing in yourself, your dreams and eventually finding your way out of any situation.

This beautiful tale of hope and faith offers a memorable adventure that teaches children the value of hard work and perseverance.

Join Esperanza and her fairy friends as they guide her out of the Fabled Fairy Forest. Set in a magical world full of enchantment, this heartwarming tale celebrates the power of hope and faith to overcome life's challenges!

Marissa's book was published by Black Rose Writing on February 2, 2023. It can also be purchased at https://barongwarehouse.com/products/vmbb1-hope-and-fortune-book-by-marissa-banez on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Barong Warehouse.


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